Kulturanova (Novi Sad, Serbia) and Lava-Dansproduktion (Stockholm, Sweden) are collaborating in this exciting project that is targeting the position of the Hungarian minorities in the province of Vojvodina in relation to the Serbian majority and is aiming at young people in this region. At the core of the project are capacity building workshops in the field of movement, video and text production.

Interviews with youngsters will be held on the subject of the situation of today and form an archive of ideas and opinions.

The interviews that will be done by the participants of the project will be filmed with simple handheld equipment like mobile phones. The interviews will be a starting point for discussion during the workshops and will lead to the production of texts as a critical commentary on the issues we are addressing as well as creative material to be used in the final event.

At the end of the last session in September 2015 we will create and an installation/exhibition with movement, video and text material for a wider audience.The project will take place in 4 stages during 18 months. The artistic project will be directed by Sybrig Dokter and Nadja Voorham. We are looking at the physicality of living in a conflict area or situation and how the lived situation manifests in the body and physical strategies while navigating the public space; the body as an archaeological site. The project is supported by the Creative Force program of the Swedish Institute.

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