Since 1997 Lava-Dansproduktion has been involved in numerous teaching and performance projects in Sweden and Eastern European countries. In many of the projects we have collaborated with dance artists, actors and physical performers. By returning regularly to many of the countries where we have been invited to bring our work to, we have built relations and collaborations with dance artists that stretch over many years. A selection of projects we have been involved in: The project ДOM/Home is a project in which Benno Voorham, created a dance performance with a group of 6 dancers from Moldova, Ukraine and Belarus and a group of teenagers from a children’s home (Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus) 2012-2013. Tandem project ‘Inside-Out’ a collaboration project with Association “Dzyga” from Lviv. Tandem was organized by ECF and MitOst. The project resulted in 4 video works ’Circulation I-IV’ that have been shown in Chisinau, Kyiv, Amsterdam, Lviv and Stockholm. 2012 In 2011 Sybrig Dokter directed the project Suitcase versus Bricks, a collaboration between Lava-Dansproduktion and Kulturanova (Novi Sad). Kings&Queens&Other Bosses, a performance for children of all ages. Danced by 7 dancers from Moldova, Belarus and Ukraine. The performance toured the 3 countries and was shown in 11 cities. In connection to this project we have organized a festivalon dance for and with children and youth in each of the three countries involved. In Sweden the performance was shown at Bibu in 2010. In august/september 2010 Sybrig Dokter worked with the dance group Karakuli in Minsk to create the work ’where the water flows uphill’ that was shown in Grodno, Minsk, Brest and Vitebsk. In Sweden, Lava-Dansproduktion has produced the children performances Middrömmarsnatt, Alice?! and

homeiswheretheheartis:suitcaseversusbricks – previous project from kulturanova and lava-dansproduktion

Projects in proces: Waiting in the Margins a project that will take place in Ukraine and Georgia. Archaeological Bodies a project that will take place in Novi Sad, Serbia.

Association Kulturanova 
Association Kulturanova is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation founded for popularisation and affirmation of art and cultural spirit. It was founded in May 2001 in Novi Sad (the capital of Vojvodina, region in Serbia). The organization was founded as “umbrella” association of various non-formal independent art groups and individuals, young artists from Novi Sad. The focus of the organisation is on development of urban youth culture and raising awareness on relevant social issues, with the vision of building creative platforms for youth in Novi Sad and in the region.

The main fields of our work are:

  1. festivals & events (culture)
  2. lectures, conferences (human rights, youth policy)
  3. workshops, seminars (education)

Association Kulturanova is very much concerned how art can effect environment and how can it benefit local communities. Through our activities we are promoting cultural diversity and cultural tolerance and we see cultural rights as an important part of human rights. We are doing most of our projects in partnership with many organisations from the region as well as from EU and doing this we are promoting the fight against xenophobia and encouraging collaboration among different cultures.