M 1993 Temerin

M 1993 – Temerin

Studied graphic design at the Technical College of Vocational Studies in Novi Sad.

During high school she volunteered at the Youth Office of the municipality of Temerin.


Q: What do you think about life in Temerin?

A: Well, I don’t know. Somehow I always tried to take part in some activities, to entertain myself. Now, listening to people around me, they say nothing ever happens in Temerin, but I don’t think that’s true. I believe that young people have places to go out to at the moment, which is very important because young people were always bored here. And as far as the Office is concerned, it offers some possibilities for the young to be active. So, life in Temerin… depends for whom, depends on how you choose to look at it. For me it’s fun.

Q:  How different is your home from the world around you?

A: My home, very. (Laughs.) It’s very different from my neighborhood and everything else. First of all, I’m in the neighborhood with people of mostly Hungarian nationality. We are basically the only Serbs around. There’s always some music, some kind of festivity at my place. Something’s always going on. Our house is always full of people, something I can’t say for the rest of the street. They are somehow more reserved. My home is, at least compared to the rest of my street, somehow full of people. When some other things are concerned, for instance, we work with kids, we gather little kids from around and the neighborhood and do some creative stuff with them, so as far as my street and my quarter are concerned it’s somehow very active.

Q:  What do you think are the main reasons for conflicts?

A: Differences. I was just recently talking to a colleague. She was bullied at her school, since she’s half Russian, half Hungarian, for being different, coz she’s neither pure Hungarian nor pure Russian. Simply because she’s different. Or because of different opinions, for example. People are often incapable of accepting other people’s opinion, and push their own instead, and if the others don’t want to accept it, some kind of conflict occurs. More rarely it’s about an economic situation, mostly those are conflicts about different opinions or being different. At least as far as I can see.

Q: And why are some people more inclined to scold other people?

A: Well, many people attack others because they don’t have enough self-confidence, so they look for bad things and differences in others to justify themselves. And some people are looking to spite others and to put some burden or label on others to justify themselves, and by doing that they’re creating conflicts. Because of some of their insecurities, lack of self-confidence or whatever.

Q: And what do you think about the position of young people in Temerin?

A: Well, in general, I think they should be more active in a positive direction. Since Temerin is a multinational environment, different kinds of conflicts occur because of diversity. Instead of putting all that together, combining those differences into something beautiful and creating something together. I think there are too many divisions among the young on national basis. Of course, there might be some economic factors there as well, I don’t know, but I honestly think that there’s too many divisions among the young  because of… religion, after all, since we have here a protestant, a catholic and an orthodox church.

Q: Yes. And what do you think a logical solution would be, the least painful one to somehow… (incomprehensible).

A: (Incomprehensible.) I mean, they’re learning Serbian at catholic school, while we’re not learning Hungarian at ours. They’ve put it in as an elective course, but I think they should introduce something about Hungarian language into „Petar Kočić“ school, something about their culture for people to get to know some nice aspects of different cultures. I think that might somehow change people’s minds about it all. Not to teach them only, a silly example, Serbs are under occupation or Hungarians did that, and we did this and you did that, but to teach kids from early on something nice. And I think that alone might already change some things.